Slovak Education System

Education in Slovak foresee various levels: a) Pre-school education (ISCED 0), age: 3 – 6. b) Basic education – first stage (ISCED 1), age: 6 – 10; second stage (or lower secondary education ISCED 2), age: 10 – 15. c) Secondary education: General secondary education or Grammar schools (ISCED 3A) 15 – 19; Specialized secondary education (Technical, Economic, Agricultural, Health Care, Arts,… Vocational schools, Apprentice training centres, Conservatories); d) Higher Education (Universities). The professional education and training develop knowledge, skills, habits and other skills of students acquired in lower secondary education. The result of this education is vocational education, which is part of professional qualifications. It allows to students engage in employment as a skilled workforce or continue their studies.

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Slovak Education System Final