Czech Education System

Education Compulsory schooling in Czech lasts for 9 years, from 6 to 15 years of age. It foresees the following levenls: pre-primary education (Mateřska škola); primary and lower secondary school (Základní škola); mainstream secondary school (Gymnázium); conservatoire – secondary and higher education in the field of arts (Konzervatoře); secondary school combining mainstream education, theoretical vocational classes and practical training (Střední škola);  higher vocational education (Vyšši odborna škola); university or non-university higher education institutes (Vysoká škola). Vocational apprenticeship centres combine theoretical classes and practical work placements in enterprises, which make up a significant part of the course. Apprenticeships usually last for 3 years and are validated by an apprenticeship examination.

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Czech Education System