Report on teachers’ survey on ICT in Greece

In this report, the updated portrait on the current situation of ICT supporting tools used in some Greek schools, resulting from the analysis of the teachers’ surveys results.

The survey is part the project NET- New Approach in Educational Technology, a European project funded in the frame of “Erasmus + Key Action 2- Strategic Partnership in the field of higher education”. It has been produced and distributed among 10 teachers in Patras and aims to investigate the importance of information technologies in new training dynamics. The analysis attempts to understand how ready greek schools are in terms of technology and how much they use digital tools in their classes. By applying and analysing the results of the analysis survey, it will be possible to highlight the needs among all the personnel working within the Greek educational system. Compatibly with the results obtained by the other partners in their respective countries, it will be possible to identify useful topics draw up a list of courses for the curriculum and training scheme (IO1)

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Report On Techers Survey on ICT in Greece (1)